We don’t offer a ‘standard’ size as each beam is made to measure.  Some distributors have common sizes are they are 140mm x 140mm x 1220mm (6″ x 6″ x 48″) or 140mm x 70mm x 1220mm (6″ x 3″ x 48″)
General all fireplace beams take approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of order.  During the months of October, November and December this may be extended to 4 weeks.
Most beams have a wax finish will come with a goody bag containing spare wax matching the colour you have chosen.  This is applied and buffed off using the soft cloth provided.  Your oak beam will look after itself and no further care is needed.  The wax is there to bring back the original lustre.
The oak is located from saw mills in northern France. All stocks are machined from sustainable sources and are felled in a responsible manner.
We do have a 7 day service on set sized beams. They are 140mm x 140mm x 1220mm or 1372mm or 140mm x 70mm x 1220mm or 1372mm. No extra processes can be applied to these beams but most colours and shapes are available.
As well as the final coloured wax or oil, your beam is fully treated for woodworm, wet rot, dry rot and death watch beetle, regardless of whether the beam has or has not had these conditions.
This may be possible and your distributor can request this upon ordering the beam. As all our oak beams are air dried, most will have surface cracks. You should be aware that most beams will eventually crack when placed above a wood burning stove. The alternative would be to use kiln dried oak although you are restricted on the size you can have.
The cost of your oak beam is dependant on three main factors.  1. The Size; as all beams are calculated on the volume of timber used.  2. Any Extras; you can add extra processes to enhance the appearance of your oak beam.  3. Delivery; although some beams can be collected, most beams are sent via a carrier direct top your door.