Lead Times

Lead times can vary depending on the time of the year and current orders.

As a rule most beams are supplied within a 2 to 3 week timescale, although at busy times around October, November and December, this may be extended to 4 weeks.

Your distributor can offer a 7 day beam at no extra cost, although there are restrictions on the size, colour and shape.

Delivery Options

Via Your Distributor

Most of the time, your beam will be delivered direct to your distributors offices or possibly direct to your home.  Your distributor will take responsibility for the beam and may install it as part of the package you have purchased from them.

Via Carrier System

Depending on the size of your oak fireplace beam, it will be shipped using either Fedex, CityLink or the National Pallet System.

All oak beams are well packaged and are sent on a 24 hours service.

In the unlikely circumstances where your beam is delivery in a poor condition, please mark the delivery note as DAMAGED and report it to your distributor or ‘Oak Fireplace Beams’ directly depending on who you ordered the oak beam from.