The clear wax will provide a rich sheen and allow the natural Oak colours to be seen. As the Oak is a character grade, the knots, cracks and natural pigments within your Oak beam may change its appearance.


The antique wax slightly darkens and provides a more mellow and slight golden appearance. The same sheen level is apparent on all the finishing waxes used.


A popular colour with most customers. It offers a mid-way colour that blends itself with most decors and tastes. This is the most popular oak beam colour.


A more nutty and authentic colour depending on the ‘look’ you are trying to achieve.


The darkest of the waxes provides a deep rich colour with hints of dark greys and black


An alternative finish to wax would be to use a natural oil. This leaves a matt appearance and provides a natural looking beam. The colour is more ‘light yellow’ and this will mellow over time.

Need Help Deciding?

Each of the pictures to left can be expanded to give a good idea of the finished colour. You have a choice of 5 colours ranging from a light natural Oak through to a dark rich Jacobean Oak.  The colour is made from applying pigmented waxes with heat into the beam and buffing to a soft sheen. The examples are representational and allowances should be made for the lighting and photographic processes.  There are other ways in which we can colour an oak beam and these are described on the following pages.

The decision on what colour your oak mantel or fireplace beam needs to be, can be derived from an array of outside influences. Although the decision is yours, here are a few interesting questions that may help you.

  • Are you matching any other type of wood?

    The main factor here is, are your matching oak? Trying to match colour of different woods is nearly impossible and our advice would be to choose a contrasting colour to hight your oak mantel or fireplace beam

  • What type of property will it be for?

    The appearance of your home could be depicted by its age, location or building material. A modern setting that is light and airy may warrant a lightly, more clean looking beam whereas an old cottage with low ceilings and character would lend itself better to a darker, more rich colour.

  • What is your choice of decoration?

    The installation of your oak mantel or fireplace beam may be set against a painted wall or exposed brickwork and these colours may have an influence of the colour of your beam. We have seen natural oak against red walls and jacobean set against old stonework.