Your Oak beam can be given some texture by wire brushing the grain to leave a raised texture.


As Oak becomes older, the darker it becomes. A fuming procedure enables a reaction with the Oak to create a truly authentic aged colour. This is not a stain and the colour, depending on the length of time it is fumed for, is absorbed into the Oak for years to come.


This process gives a tiger marking appearance.  Your oak beam is flamed along the grain giving it a unique appearance.  Coloured waxes are then applied over the top to further enhance the look.

Knocks & Dents*

Sometimes a beam needs more character and appeal.  Small indentations and carefully positioned dents allow your oak beam to take on more character and give a more authentic feel.


Pegs are a great feature and can used in 2 ways.

Firstly, to add more interest to the oak beam as if an old pegged joint was originally part of the beams appearance.

Secondly, as a fixing method.  We can pre-drilled holes for fixing.
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Lazy Arch*

A lazy arch can be applied to the underneath of a beam creating an arched effect, normally centered in the middle. Should this be a requirement, further dimensions of where the arch is to start and stop are required.

* Asterisk items have a surcharge applied.

Extra Processes

The extra processes to can apply to your oak mantel or fireplace beam are the icing on the cake.

The is no restriction on the amount of processes you can choose, for example, you might want a flamed oak beam with the addition of decorative oak pegs.

The only process that is ‘set’ would be the ‘reclaimed look’. Upon choosing a suitable piece of oak, the artistic flair and creativity of our craftsmen shape the beam looking for features to exaggerate to increase its character. All these processes can be combined with any colour creating huge possibilities.

If a lazy arch is needed, please provide the dimensions where arch is to start and stop, e.g. 150mm in from each side.