PSE – Planed Square Edges

PSE stands for ‘Planed, Square Edged’. Some people know this as PAR standing for ‘Planed All Round’.
These are the same process and it creates a clean square edged beam. All 6 faces are cut and planed to a smooth surface.

Softened Edges

A softened edge is represented by slightly rounding over the sharp corner of the edges giving a light radius effect. It is not a uniformed curve but more of a softer appearance.

Lightly Shaped

This effect has slight undulations applied to the bottom edge of the Oak beam creating a worn appearance.  This process is achieved by hand scraping the oak at irregular intervals along the beam.

Medium Shaped

A more wavey appearance on the underneath edge can be created to exaggerate the edges and looks better when a darker colour of wax is used. Again, this process is achieved by hand scraping the oak from a square beam.

Random Shaped*

The shaping is random on all corners and the face is especially mis-shaped to create a more authentic aged appearance.

Scalloped Faces*

A new appearance has been introduced into the range.   This scalloped effect gives a true Adzed appearance.   The face is then wire brushed giving a textured feel through the beam.

Reclaimed Appearance*

A another new appearance for the range.  As we consistently get asked for reclaimed beams of a certain size, it is not always possible to locate a good source of quality beams.  The ‘reclaimed beam’ process includes locating a character oak beam, creating authentic shapes and colouring it to look exactly like a reclaimed beam.  The advantage of this process is to be able to replicate any size oak beam in the ‘reclaimed’ look.


The shape of your oak mantel or fireplace beam can dramatically alter the characteristics and overall appearance.  There are various degrees of shaping that create contours and curves along the edge and/or face of the beam to get the right effect for you.

Please note, the style of your oak beam is determined by the shaping, the colour and any extras to enhance its effect. Please only use this page as a guide to the amount of shaping your Oak beam may need.

The shapes are created on either the face of the beam, the edges or sometimes both.  These areas are highlighted in the text against each shape.

Any shapes that have an asterisk (*) against them have a small surcharge.